Hi, my name is Christopher, and I’m a web developer from Copenhagen. Most of my time is spend turning ideas into reality - usually by making a website, app or other digital creations. Feel free to contact me about my work or new projects.
All the best,

Selected Projects

California Kitchen

California kitchen is a fast-casual healthy lifestyle restaurant based in Copenhagen. Their website is designed to be completely editable, meaning that the restaurant can update every word, picture and even add new dishes. The design takes inspiration from the interior of the restaurant, and subtle animations are added to engage the visitors.

  • restaurant
  • design
  • instagram
  • keystone.js
  • react
  • node.js


Cueup is a platform connecting djs with event-organizers. Among other things the platform handles: communication between users, payment in different currencies and cancelation policies. Everything from the design to the backend has been created by me.

  • React
  • .NET Core
  • Stripe
  • Design


VILD MAD is a project encouraging people to discover the culinary potential in the nature. I have had the joy of building the website - where people can learn about the nature and manage their foraged ingredients. The accompanying app was later featured in the Apple App Store.

  • App
  • React
  • Concrete5